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Development Assistance Solutions Foundation

About Us


Empower underserved communities worldwide by building robust networks with devoted donors and nonprofits on the ground to achieve sustainable progress.


Formerly disadvantaged communities, uplifted by our programs, continue the mission to support neighboring communities in need and spark collective action.



Who We Are

Development Solutions Foundation (DAS) is a nonprofit organization established by David Schneider and Nicolas Balcombe; both served extensively in humanitarian efforts in West Africa, Eastern Europe, South America, the Middle East, and other parts of the developing world. Inspired by their passion and compassion for the well-being of all people, the entire DAS organization seeks to improve the quality of life for people around the world. We do this by providing the right resources to the right people at the right time.

We build strong ties with organizations that help underserved communities directly and with donors who provide the funding and resources to ensure effective, efficient, and sustainable implementation of programs on the ground. At DAS, we believe that building and nurturing trust with our partners and donors make our response to humanitarian crises and natural calamities more immediate and more substantial.  


What We Do

- We look for nonprofit organizations in different countries with creative and impactful solutions and help them get sufficient resources to execute their programs.

- We promote the programs and bring awareness to their advocacies to gain more exposure and support from our global network.


- We conduct strategic planning with multiple nonprofits to provide a unified response to humanitarian crises.


- We cultivate enduring relationships with donors to keep them informed and involved.


- We facilitate programs that provide basic needs like food and water and medical and educational resources.


- We help orphanages improve their facilities and operations.


- We support the reintegration of migrants into new societies.


- We build secure networks to combat human trafficking.

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